A drone that looks and flies like an airplane

The Spirit Vtail quadcopter is a crossover/hybrid between an airplane and a quadcopter. The Spirit will fill the gap between normal X-configuration quadcopters and FPV-racing quadcopters. An unconventional arrangement of the tail rotor configuration in a

V-shape ensures a better YAW control than the conventional configuration. A sleek design in combination with 3D maneuverability results in great flying performance and lots of fun: A drone that looks and flies like an airplane.

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Jonathan I've

Head of Industrial Design - Apple Computers

Optional camera

Equiped with a 14 megapixel "fisheye" camera, the Spirit records videos and pictures in a 180° field with remarkable image quality.

A full-digital image stabilization technology allows the Spirit to take remarkably stable and clear aerial footage regardless of the drone movements. Splash and dust proof lens.

LED strip: night flying!

Vtail explained

There is a relationship between tail angle and lift generated.
At 30° arm angle, you get 86% of the original thrust (cos(30°) = 0.86).
By applying rudder input the the YAW effect is more efficient.

Front view

The Spirit V-Tail quadcopter can be equipped with an optional sonar ground following radar system. (optional)

Side view

The Spirit V-Tail quadcopter is aerodynamicly shaped; longer flight times will be achieved!

Top view

The Spirit V-Tail quadcopter can be fitted with 8" or 9" props depending on your personal flight style.